File kid3.changes of Package kid3

Thu Oct  1 18:27:39 UTC 2015 -

- Update to version 3.3.0.
- Upstream changes:
    Make order of quick access frames configurable.
    Support separators and submenus in user action context menu.
    Restore defaults button in settings dialog.
    CSV import from multiple directories.
    Support for in embed lyrics script.
    Support for chapter and table of contents audiobook frames.
    Mac, Windows: Support for podcast frames.
    Display user friendly names for all supported frames.
    Updated Czech translation.
    Change file permissions in the case of modified file names.
    Wrong and missing translations.
    Removing ID3v1 genre with id3lib.
    KDE5:Name filters used in file dialogs, blocking file dialogs.
    KDE5: Invoking help in settings dialog.
    KDE4: Build with kdelibs-4.14.11.
    Qt5.5: Spurious popping up of download dialog.
    Do not abort build if qmlplugindump cannot be started.

Wed Jun 10 14:42:48 UTC 2015 -

- Combine the kid3 and kid3-kf5 packages in a single spec-file and 
  build the KF5 based version for openSUSE > 13.2

Sat Apr 18 05:13:45 UTC 2015 -

- Renamed kf5-kid3 to kid3-kf5

Mon Mar 30 08:50:33 UTC 2015 -

- Added conflict of kid3-core and kf5-kid3-core to kf5-kid3.spec

Fri Mar 20 22:22:29 UTC 2015 -

- Created package kf5-kid3

Wed Mar 18 20:08:10 UTC 2015 -

- update to version 3.2.0
  * New:
    + Support QML/JS scripts for user actions.
    + Batch embed, export, and resize album art.
    + Batch lyrics download.
    + Recursive tag export.
    + Support build with KDE 5.
    + Support DSF files with TagLib 1.9.1.
    + Option to mark pictures larger than a given size.
    + Number tracks can reset track number for each folder.
    + Number tracks can only format numbers or set total.
    + Only expand subtree if shift is pressed with "Expand all".
    + Support Ogg FLAC files.
    + QML plugin.
  * Improved:
    + File suffix for export (e.g. picture) is determined by mime type.
    + Image dimensions are displayed below picture.
  * Fixed:
    + Crash when TagLib file is saved with changes in tags and file name.
    + Deletion of picture frames from Ogg/Opus files.
    + Setting description of Ogg pictures in frame table.
    + Reactivate support for AAC and MP2 files with TagLib.
    + Mac OS X: Avoid excessive memory consumption.
    + Adapted to Discogs server update.
    + Adapted to Amazon server update.
  - Added file kid3-rpmlintrc to suppress error messages.

Sat Jan 24 18:58:56 UTC 2015 -

- update to version 3.1.2
  * New:
    + Allow user to change the file permissions of read-only files.
  * Improved:
    + Updated Simplified Chinese translation.
    + Reduce number of open file descriptors with TagLib >= 1.8.
  * Fixed:
    + Adapted to Discogs server update.
    + Correctly add missing frames when editing multiple files.
    + The value of an existing frame on multiple files can be set
      via D-Bus.
    + File names with special characters in Mp4V2Metadata on
    + Appdata passes appdata-validate check.

Sat Sep 27 06:36:45 UTC 2014 -

- Added conflict for kid3-qt4 from KDE:Extra which is no longer

Sat Sep 20 11:06:38 UTC 2014 -

- Update to version 3.1.1 a separate build for kid3-qt is no longer
  necessary and a cli version is added.
- Upstream Changes:
 * New:
  + Validation for date/time, track and disc number frames.
  + Timeout command in kid3-cli to overwrite command timeout.
  + Build option WITH_NO_MANCOMPRESS to disable gzipped manpages.
 * Improved:
  + Updated Czech translation.
  + Support drag'n'drop from https, ftp.
  + Show picture type in frame table.
  + Allow import from file/clipboard with empty date fields.
  + Add AppData and comment in desktop file for GNOME Software.
  + Handling of RPATH to private libraries.
 * Fixed:
  + Setting of POPM frames using kid3-cli.
  + Removing of COMM, PRIV, TXXX, free form frames.
  + Restore Ogg files if writing fails.
  + Format while editing for tag 2.
  + Support composer when importing from MusicBrainz.
  + Opening external links from handbook.

Mon Jun  2 11:52:55 UTC 2014 -

- Add xslt-tools dependency required by some openSUSE versions.

Wed Apr 30 13:22:14 UTC 2014 -

- We are installing libraries into an unknown directory, so we need
  post and postun scripts to call for ldconfig. As that the 
  library path is not standard, use this as a parameter to ldconfig

Mon Apr 28 12:28:28 UTC 2014 -

- Update to version 3.1
  * New:
    + Support for synchronized lyrics and event timing codes.
    + Import and export of LRC (synchronized lyrics/Karaoke) files.
    + Find and replace strings in tags and file names.
    + Display details and sort columns in file list.
    + Open and Open Containing Folder file list actions.
    + Support Ogg and Opus cover art.
    + Export format CDRDAO TOC for CDs with CD-text from WAV tags.
    + D-Bus command expandFileList() to expand the whole file list.
  * Improved:
    + Updated Czech, Finnish, Estonian translations.
    + GUI and usability, keyboard navigation.
  * Fixed:
    + Restore Quick Access Tags settings properly.
    + Support tags from file name with 
      2 character extensions (e.g. ".wv").
    + Keyboard shortcuts settings with Mac OS X 10.9.
    + Build without Phonon.
    + Fingerprint decoding and resampling with libav.
    + D-Bus command expandDirectory().
- Update to version 3.0.2
  * Fixed:
    + Translations and handbook are not found on 
      Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks.
    + Application termination when main window is 
      closed while handbook is open.
    + Tag 1 genre combobox is empty if 
      "show only custom genres" is set.
    + Session restoration.
    + Detection of installed Qt 5.
    + KDE application does not find libraries 
      if prefix is not /usr.
    + Build if all translations are disabled.
  * Improved:
    + Added new genres introduced in Winamp 5.6.
- Update to version 3.0.1
  * Fixed:
    + Filename format configuration can not be changed.
    + Menus get broken when toolbar is changed in KDE version.
    + Incorrect conversion of configuration in KDE version.
    + Unintended result selection in 
      first track of fingerprint import.
    + Crash at exit after canceling 
      fingerprint import with GStreamer.
    + Prefer GStreamer 0.10 over 1.0 to avoid hang in Phonon.
    + Build with readline needing termcap 
      (as used in Slackware).
    + Build with FFmpeg 2.0 (as used in openSUSE 12.3).
    + Honor LIB_SUFFIX if set (as used in Fedora).
- Update to version 3.0
  * New:
    + Command-line interface kid3-cli.
    + Use common shared libraries for 
      KDE, Qt-only and CLI versions.
    + Plugins for metadata libraries and importers.
    + Support Opus files with TagLib 1.9.
    + Support GStreamer 1.0.
    + Support libavresample 0.0.3.
  * Improved:
    + Editing without leaving the keyboard.
    + When saving a file fails, tell 
      user if it is not writable.
    + Escape metacharacters in HTML export.
    + Updated Czech translation.
    + Updated Finnish translation.
    + Cleaned up configuration option sections.
  * Fixed:
    + Crash when saving non-FLAC file with flac extension.
    + Support minimum Mac OS X version 10.5.
    + Load Qt libraries only from bundle on Mac OS X.
- Merge qt package into subpackage, and add core and cli
  subpackages per upstream recommendation.
- Remove obsolete patches:
  * kid3-qt-gcc47.patch
  * kid3-2.3-gstreamer1.0.diff
- Remove tests for obsolete openSUSE versions.
- Make sure phonon gstreamer version 
  matches kid3 gstreamer version
- Split documentation packages.

Sun Aug 11 20:31:22 UTC 2013 -

- Fixed %{?suse_version} conditional in kid3.spec

Sat Jun  1 16:47:51 UTC 2013 -

- Added kid3-2.3-gstreamer1.0.diff, enables gstreamer 1.0 support
- Add Source URL

Sat Mar 23 07:26:50 UTC 2013 -

- Merge kid3 and kid3-qt packages by linking KDE:Extra/kid3 to the
  kid3-qt package.

Sat Mar 16 16:49:01 UTC 2013 -

- Update to version 2.3
  * New:
    + Automatic batch import for multiple directories.
    + Import catalog number and release country from Discogs and 
    + Quick access tags are configurable for tag 2.
    + Setting for default file name to save cover art.
    + Select all in directory.
    + Apply text encoding.
    + Support Qt 5.0.
  * Improved:
    + Better responsiveness when working with a huge number of files,
      long operations can be aborted (filtering, renaming, expanding).
    + Support custom frame names in formats and imports.
    + Display accuracy and cover art URL for imports.
    + Added more unified frame types.
    + GUI and usability.
  * Fixed:
    + Swapped mapping of too and enc for M4A files.
    + Compatibility of ID3v2.4.0 COMM frames with iTunes.
    + Do not remove spaces in Vorbis comment field names.
    + Crash and decoding for fingerprints with libav 9.1.

Fri Dec 28 13:27:17 UTC 2012 -

- Enable chromaprint support

Sat Dec 15 14:13:38 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 2.2.1
- Changes since 2.1:
  * New:
    + Option to load last opened file on startup. 
    + Option to use locale for character conversion. 
    + Support new features of TagLib 1.8: More 
      ID3 frames, ID3v2.3, tracker modules (MOD, S3M, IT, XM). 
    + Support use of GStreamer instead of FFmpeg for 
      Chromaprint decoding. 
    + Support building with latest libav/FFmpeg libraries.
* Improved: 
    + Extract year from "YYYY-MM.." date frame for %{year} 
      format code. 
    + Character conversion for roman numbers. 
    + Dutch translation. 
    + Finnish translation.
    + Czech translation.
* Fixed: 
    + Avoid crash when exporting album cover while editing multiple 
    + Check if file format supported before converting to 
    + Rewritten Discogs import to use Discogs API v2.0.
    + Fixed selection of language and handbook with Qt 4.8.

Sun May 13 14:51:57 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 2.1
  * New:
    + Keyboard shortcuts configuration for Qt-only version.
    + Use Chromaprint for import from MusicBrainz Fingerprint, is now 
      also available on Windows and Mac OS X.
    + Serbian translation.
    + Support build with Qt5.
  * Improved:
    + Support most frames in format codes with %{framename}.
    + Support iTunes ID3v2.4 frames TCMP, TSO2, TSOC.
    + Option to use the native file dialogs for Qt-only version.
    + Handling of pictures in WMA files.
    + Use themed icons.
    + Building with shared libraries on KDE.
    + Handle carriage return characters in output from user commands.
  * Fixed:
    + Windows: Avoid truncation of file when renaming with illegal 
    + Limit number of open file handles.
    + Nicer icons, install SVG instead of SVGZ in kid3-qt.
    + Fixed import from Amazon.
    + Adapted to Discogs server update.
- Disable build with chromaprint that require ffmpeg

Thu Nov  3 18:38:22 UTC 2011 -

- Update to release 2.0.1:
  * Fixed:
    + Prevent cursor from jumping to end in format line edits.
    + Correctly update file selection after add, edit or delete frame.
    + Build system finds DocBook XSL on various Linux distributions,
      finds Phonon on Ubuntu 11.10, can build with shared libraries.
    + Correctly set bundle version on Mac OS X.
    + Czech translation.
- Spec file updates:
  * Changes based on spec-cleaner run.
  * Removed Provides:/Obsoletes: entries for kde4-kid3 (not needed anymore, it
    was last used at 2009-11-04).

Tue Sep  6 19:55:38 UTC 2011 -

- Update to release 2.0
  * New:
    + Import from tags to extract and move information between tags.
    + Play a track on double click (optional).
    + Searching in help browser.
    + Move files to trash instead of deleting them.
    + Automatic setting of checkboxes when frame is changed.
    + Support for APE tags with TagLib 1.7.
  * Improved:
    + Major refactoring to improve software architecture, separated
      GUI from application logic using the Qt 4 Model/View
      architecture. This required dropping support for Qt 3 and
      KDE 3. Unified build system using CMake for KDE and Qt-only
    + The file list is updated on file system changes and is faster.
    + Import sub-dialogs are modeless and do not block import dialog.
    + Import table is editable and has optional columns for file
      names and paths (selectable with context menu).
    + The tracks to import can be selected, e.g. to import only one
      CD from a doulbe-CD album.
    + Number Tracks can number the tracks of multiple directories.
    + Multiple directories can be selected with Rename Directory.
    + M4A support with TagLib (can fully replace libmp4v2).
    + Exports are displayed in a table if they contain tabulators.
    + Adding and editing formats is now more user friendly.
    + GUI and usability.
  * Fixed:
    + Genre and track total in M4A files with TagLib.
    + Execution of user action without command.
    + Adapted to Discogs server update.
- Spec file updates:
  * Changed License: to GPL-2.0+.
  * Removed docbook-xsl-stylesheets and added libogg-devel in BuildRequires:.
  * Removed support for openSUSE < 11.2 in spec file.
  * Minor other updates.

Sun Apr 10 19:44:03 UTC 2011 -

- Spec file updates:
  * Removed "licenses" package usage.
  * Recommends: instead of Suggests: for kid3-lang package.
  * Minor other updates.

Tue Feb 15 00:04:47 UTC 2011 -

- Removed conflicting kid3-qt, kid3-qt is already in factory, 11.4
  developed in multimedia:apps.

Sun Feb  6 21:48:57 UTC 2011 -

- Update to release 1.6
  * Improved:
    + The total number of tracks can be set in the "Number Tracks" dialog.
    + All numeric fields can be padded with zeros.
    + Parts of the filename can be ignored when generating tags from the
    + Updated Estonian, Italian and Czech translations.
  * Fixed:
    + Track number digits option works now with ID3v2.4 and UTF8/UTF16.
    + Adapted to Discogs server update.
- Spec file updates:
  * Added a kid3-qt package without KDE dependencies and also its respective
    lang package.
  * Added a kid3-lang package.
  * Changes based on rpmdevtools templates and spec-cleaner run.
  * Updates in Buildrequires:, %build, %install and %files sections.

Fri Oct  8 07:43:22 UTC 2010 -

- Update to release 1.5
- Upstream changes :
  Faster filtering,
  simple audio player,
  GUI and usability improvements.

Wed Sep 22 07:34:07 UTC 2010 -

- Update to svn 714
- Upstream changes :
  *fixed Doxygen warnings
  *updated translations
  *do not display [filtered] after filtering "All"
  *display Phonon errors in status bar
  *use less size for format comboboxes
  *version 1.5, updated documentation
  *"Show Statusbar" option for Qt only version
  *double click on picture to add/edit
  *fixed bug: after album cover was downloaded by import it was downloaded
   again in next import because the import track data was not properly cleaned
  *move "From Filename" buttons up to corresponding format combobox as
   "To Tag" buttons
  *update for changes made in commit "Make docs compile 
   against KDE 4.5 beta"
  *added Chinese translation
  *changed player dockwidget into a toolbar
  *Auto Hide Tags option to hide unused tags
  *use QDockWidget for PlayDialog, make it a child of main window
  *make play action available in Tools menu and toolbar
  *simple audio player available via context menu
  *icons and toolbar for Qt only version
  *use latest versions of libraries
  *recent files menu for versions without KDE
  *context menu items "Expand all" and "Collapse all"
  *fix compilation with Qt 3 of MP4 and ASF pictures starting with TagLib 1.6.2
  *support APE files with TagLib > 1.6.3 (not officially released yet)
  *support MP4 and ASF pictures starting with TagLib 1.6.2
  *option to set number of digits in track number
  *commitData and closeEditor when the window is deactivated while a cell
   is being edited (i.e. the cell is not closed by pressing Enter), this
   is done to avoid losing the focus
  *fixed bug 3009738 URL (WXXX) tags incorrectly saved, the value was
   written to the Description instead of to the URL field
  *use correct extension for ".aac" and ".mp2" files when generating
   filenames from tags
  *removed MIME type inode/directory, there were problems on Archlinux
  *do not add multiple frames of the same type in filterDifferent()
  *more efficient handling of file selection for Qt 4
  *fixed setFrame() to work again with pictures
  *speed up filter, fixed deleteFrame() to work with single named frame,
   fixed addFrame() to update the preview picture also in the case of an
   explicitly passed frame
  *filterDifferent() will now result in a FrameCollection containing all
   frames of the other collection, so that the union of the frames of all
   selected files will be displayed

Mon Jun  7 05:27:39 UTC 2010 -

- Update to svn 673
- Upstream changes :
* replaced xmms by amarok in context menu
* Make docs compile against KDE 4.5 beta.
* Add the official audio/ogg MIME type, remove the obsolete
* x-directory/normal MIME type, add StartupNotify and StartupWMClass.
* Finnish translation spelling fix.

Sat Mar 6 23:32:09 MST 2010 - - 1.4

- gzip archive used for souce tarball
- updated to version 1.4
  + New:
  ++ Support for cover art in Ogg files.
  ++ Import from Amazon.
  ++ Separate formats for "to filename" and "from filename".
  ++ Czech translation.
  + Improved:
  ++ Use of UTF8 and UTF16 encoding when non-ASCII characters are used.
  ++ GUI and usability.
  + Fixed:
  ++ Correctly set tags when tags of multiple files are selected,
     edited, and then copied to the other tag.
  ++ Adapted to Discogs server update.


- removed unnecessary BuildRequires
- fixed file list for older distributions

Wed Nov 4 13:41:09 CET 2009 - - 1.3

- renamed package from kde4-kid3 to kid3
- updated to version 1.3
  + New:
  ++ Advanced playlist dialog.
  ++ Support for WMA/ASF, AIFF and WAV files.
  ++ Estonian, Finnish and Turkish translations.
  + Improved:
  ++ When changing the current file while a tag field is being edited,
     the changes are preserved.
  ++ Translation system.
  ++ Settings in Number Tracks dialog can be saved.
  ++ Filter files without attached pictures.
  ++ Support for libmp4v2 1.9 and TagLib 1.6.
  + Fixed:
  ++ Show album art when multiple files are selected.
  ++ From Tag 2 option can be restored in Rename Directory dialog.
  ++ Picture download.
  ++ Adapted to Discogs server update.

Sun May  3 00:00:00 CEST 2009 -

- new upstream version

Sun Oct 26 00:00:00 CEST 2008 -

- new upstream version

Fri Apr  4 00:00:00 CEST 2008 -

- new upstream version:
  * File filter.
  * D-Bus interface to control application by scripts.
  * Long format codes %{title}, %{album}, ... and tooltips for formats.
  * Support for FLAC pictures.
  * Polish translation.
  * GUI and usability.
  * Rename directory wizard.
  * Use xdg-open as the default web browser.
  * Display description instead of TXXX and WXXX.
  * Add pictures to files by drag and drop and from cllipboard.
  * Compilation with GCC 4.3 and compiler detection for kid3-qt.
  * Support for TagLib 1.5.
  * KDE 4 docs in correct directory.
  * Crash when TSST frame was added to ID3v2.3.0 tag.
  * Disappearing ID3v1 genres.
  * Possible crash when import or export format was added.

Mon Dec  3 00:00:00 CET 2007 -

- new upstream version:
  * All frames can be edited in tables, not only the standard tags.
  * Support for MP4/AAC, MP2, Speex, TrueAudio, and WavPack files.
  * Default encoding can be configured.
  * Italian translation.
  * Support build with KDE 4.
  * Conversion between ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4 for all supported frames.
  * GUI and usability.
  * Qt4 version builds without Qt3Support module
  * Correct kid3-qt icon.
  * kid3-qt builds correctly without id3lib or without MusicBrainz.
  * Remove deleted user actions from configuration.
  * Allow new export/import formats with empty fields.
  * Reread file after conversion from ID3v2.4 to ID3v2.3.
  * Rename directory does not rename when tags are empty.

Thu Jun 14 00:00:00 CEST 2007 -

- new upstream version:
  * Hierarchical directory tree instead of flat file list.
  * Enhanced context menu commands, can be used to browse for lyrics
    and album art.
  * Import from
  * Conversion between ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4 tags.
  * Editor for custom genres.
  * Option to mark truncated ID3v1.1 fields.
  * Frames are listed alphabetically and can be edited and deleted
    in multiple files.
  * Import from (formerly
  * MusicBrainz fingerprint import.

Fri Dec 22 00:00:00 CET 2006 -

- package for v0.8.1
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