File README.SuSE of Package turnpike

Additional Install options

turnpike package requires a root level daemon to function
properly. This service is named racoon. This is from ipsec-tools
package. This daemon is not started automatically after every reboot
or after installation. Hence, the user has to start it when he wants
to connect to remote. For this, you require root privileges.

If you plan to use vpn functionality often, it is better to make this
service to run by default during boot time. If you donot have admin
privileges to your workstation, contact your administrator.

To start the service when needed issue

	/etc/init.d/racoond start

To stop the service
	/etc/init.d/racoond stop

To make this service to be started by default during boot time follow
the below procedure in Novell SuSE systems.

Configure racoon service using Yast

	* Open Yast (Menu->System->Yast)
	* Goto section "System"
	* Click on "System Services (Runlevel)
	* Select racoond
	* Click Enable

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