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Request 110194 (accepted)

requesting release

Release package openSUSE:...ance:368 / MozillaTh...1_Update to package openSUSE:12.1:Update / MozillaThunderbird

The diff call for /source/openSUSE:Maintenance:368/MozillaThunderbird.openSUSE_12.1_Update?cmd=diff&expand=1&filelimit=10000&opackage=MozillaThunderbird.1536&oproject=openSUSE%3A12.1%3AUpdate&view=xml&withissues=1 failed: bad link: conflict in file create-tar.sh

There's nothing to be done right now

Request History

Ludwig Nussel lnussel created request about 4 years ago
requesting release
Sascha Peilicke saschpe Request got reviewed about 4 years ago
Ludwig Nussel lnussel Request got accepted about 4 years ago
Sascha Peilicke saschpe Review got accepted over 3 years ago

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