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Request 133618 (accepted)

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Submit package mozilla / mozilla-kde4-integration (revision 6) to package mozilla:Factory / mozilla-kde4-integration

[-] [+] Changed mozilla-kde4-integration.changes
[-] [+] Changed mozilla-kde4-integration.spec ^
[-] [+] Changed kmozillahelper-0.6.4.tar.bz2/main.cpp ^
[-] [+] Changed kmozillahelper-0.6.4.tar.bz2/main.h ^

Mentioned Issues (2)

boo#722994 Virtual Mozilla Team _bnc_team_mozilla Closed
kmozillahelper's filedialog doesn't handle local url correctly.
boo#777415 Virtual Mozilla Team _bnc_team_mozilla Open
Make use "--select" argument provided by dolphin and konqueror

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Request History

Wolfgang Rosenauer wrosenauer created request about 4 years ago
Wolfgang Rosenauer wrosenauer Request got accepted about 4 years ago
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