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Request 141574 (revoked)

fixes build

Submit package home:Mailaend...:Mono:Factory / monodevelop to package Mono:Factory / monodevelop

The diff call for /source/home:Mailaender:branches:Mono:Factory/monodevelop?cmd=diff&expand=1&filelimit=10000&opackage=monodevelop&oproject=Mono%3AFactory&rev=7&view=xml&withissues=1 failed: package 'monodevelop' does not exist

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Request History

Matthias Mailänder Mailaender created request almost 4 years ago
fixes build
Stephen Shaw decriptor Request got declined almost 4 years ago
Do we even need autoconf anymore? Not sure we need to include mono-nunit as I believe monodevelop ships with its own?  Can you try build this without rsync?  Also, I don't think we are supposed to have "+AutoReqProv:    on".  The other changes look great. Thanks!
Matthias Mailänder Mailaender Request got revoked almost 4 years ago
superseded by https://build.opensuse.org/request/show/143711

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