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Request 183668 (revoked)

Fixes bug 827960

Submit package home:itsbo:bran...:tools:scm:svn / RapidSVN (revision 12) to package devel:tools:scm:svn / RapidSVN

The diff call for /source/home:itsbo:branches:devel:tools:scm:svn/RapidSVN?cmd=diff&expand=1&filelimit=10000&opackage=RapidSVN&oproject=devel%3Atools%3Ascm%3Asvn&rev=12&view=xml&withissues=1 failed: no such revision

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Request History

Lars Heide itsbo created request over 2 years ago
Fixes bug 827960
Tomáš Chvátal scarabeus_iv Request got declined over 2 years ago
Hello as the package is build only for opensuse/sle there are few changes needed to make it up par.

1) use full download path to ease bumping:
Souce:   http://rapidsvn.org/download/release/%version/%name-%version.tar.gz

2) Set the Release to 0 obs handles it alone with no need for intervention.

3) run "osc localrun format_spec_file" to get rid of non-needed stuff in the specifle and sorting the whitespace

4) on prep phase only %setup -q is needed rest of the line is useless now.
Lars Heide itsbo Request got revoked over 2 years ago
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