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Request 186187 (accepted)

- Uppdate to version 3.2.1
  + Fixes bug 13509, which causes a crash when the current culture is set to zh_TW.

- Update to version 3.2.0
  + LLVM updated to version 3.2, this brings better optimizations for mono.
  + problematic workloads for the SGen Garbage Collector addressed:
    - popular objects are made immortal until the next major collection.
    - hash filtering on pin queues and that dramatically reduce their average size
    - switched to lazy sweeping by default
  + Three new experimental modes for the garbage collection are now available:
    - Low pause mode
    - Low promotion nursery
    - Mostly precise stack scanning
   + Size Reduction: Multiple features can now be disabled for the classlibs
   + The FullAOT compiler can now generate much faster code for icalls and has support for generic valuetype sharing.
   + Performance of primitive parsing was greatly enhanced.
   + LINQ is now much faster with arrays.
   + Large object cloning and boxing is up to two times faster.
   + Optimize Marshal.Read/Write methods to avoid a trip to unmanaged when possible.
   + Google contributed ports of NaCl for ARM and Amd64.

- Update to version 3.1.2
  + Emit additional sequence points for call entry when needed.
  + Loading of nested type of missing type needs to create another missing type.
  + Equality structural comparer needs to do recursive comparisons.
  + Allow async for explicitly implemented interface methods.
  + Implement webrequest cancellation.
  + Prefer user operators over predefined operators for binary enum operations too.
- Changes from version 3.1.1
  * Mono now defaults to sgen