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Request 204314 (accepted)

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Submit package home:jordimassag...:languages:ruby / ruby20 to package devel:languages:ruby / ruby20

[-] [+] Changed ruby20.changes
[-] [+] Changed ruby20.spec ^
[-] [+] Added CVE-2013-4287-4363.patch ^

Mentioned Issues (3)

boo#837457 Virtual SUSE Security Team _security_team Closed
VUL-0: CVE-2013-4287 CVE-2013-4363: ruby19: Algorithmic complexity vulnerability

There's nothing to be done right now

Request History

Jordi Massaguer jordimassaguerpla created request over 2 years ago
Stephan Kulow coolo Request got accepted over 2 years ago

Comments for request 204314 (2)

Jordi Massaguer jordimassaguerpla wrote over 2 years ago

is ruby20 broken?

Hi! When trying to install this package, I get a strange error:

"Reading installed packages... 'tmpRPMcache:ruby20=0:2.0.0.p247-15.8' not found in package names. Trying capabilities. No provider of 'ruby20 = 0:2.0.0.p247-15.8' found

Jordi Massaguer jordimassaguerpla wrote over 2 years ago

false alarm

sorry. False alarm. I updated the test machine with the latest opensuse from factory and it got installed without any trouble.