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Request 229369 (declined)

bnc #865597

Submit package home:gabi2 / libyui-ncurses (revision 23) to package SUSE:SLE-11:SP3:Update / libyui-ncurses

[-] [+] Added yast2-ncurses.changes
[-] [+] Added yast2-ncurses.spec ^
Added yast2-ncurses-2.17.23.tar.bz2 ^

Mentioned Issues (40)

boo#309118 Katarina Machalkova kmachalkova Closed
yast2-ncurses - problem of alignment of IntField
boo#354712 Katarina Machalkova kmachalkova Closed
Can't "Continue Installation" in ncurses
boo#355562 Katarina Machalkova kmachalkova Closed
deadlock in malloc_check()
boo#357607 Stefan Hundhammer sh-sh-sh Closed
OpenItems property of Tree widget is broken
boo#362634 Katarina Machalkova kmachalkova Closed
ncurses overload 'v' shortcut
boo#363958 Stefan Hundhammer sh-sh-sh Closed
yast2-packager needs to require yast2-*-pkg and handling of missing pkg widget
boo#367083 Katarina Machalkova kmachalkova Closed
ComboBox width should adjust (in ncurses)
boo#377098 Thomas Göttlicher tgoettlicher Closed
Cannot access menu entries via keyboard shortcuts in ncurses (NCPopupMenu)
boo#385872 Stefan Hundhammer sh-sh-sh Closed
Can't enter umlaut characters in yast2 ncurses input fields
boo#389761 Gabriele Mohr gabi2 Closed
yast ncurses: Add-on Media while trying to apply a filter
boo#397393 Stefan Hundhammer sh-sh-sh Closed
ncurses packager: OK button doesn't have focus by default.
boo#411877 Thomas Göttlicher tgoettlicher Closed
shortcuts for dumbtab are case sensitive in ncurses
bash sometimes does not fork correctly
boo#427370 Stefan Hundhammer sh-sh-sh Closed
libyui/python/ncurses: crash when calling Frame widget
boo#427372 Klaus Kämpf kwk Closed
[libyui] specify ownership change for SWIG bindings
boo#433016 Gabriele Mohr gabi2 Closed
ncurses UI breaks console keyboard
boo#459068 Katarina Machalkova kmachalkova Closed
Current tree item reset back to 1st one with ncurses
boo#467586 Katarina Machalkova kmachalkova Closed
Populating pkg table extremely slow in ncurses packager
boo#476245 Gabriele Mohr gabi2 Closed
YaST ncurses UI overwrites foreign textdomains
boo#484163 Gabriele Mohr gabi2 Closed
Incomplete license agreement of Welcome window when install GMC in text mode
boo#484629 Gabriele Mohr gabi2 Closed
Contents of two lines overlapped on "Registration and Privacy Information" window for Ncurses installation.
boo#488757 Gabriele Mohr gabi2 Closed
Size input box in Image Creator is broken in ncurses
boo#550733 Michael Andres mlandres Closed
yast2-backup does not show a list of files to be backed up
boo#573553 Gabriele Mohr gabi2 Closed
Inconsistency in UI::QueryWidget of MultiLineEdit (ncurses)
boo#605113 Juergen Weigert jnweiger Closed
Control characters visible in flash-player license when installation under text mode.
boo#661685 Thomas Göttlicher tgoettlicher Closed
Yast2 appears to hang when using the Browse dialog
boo#696595 Thomas Göttlicher tgoettlicher Closed
yast2 segfaults when user is too fast with bootloader UI
boo#724119 Gabriele Mohr gabi2 Closed
wrong RichText tags behavior in ncurses
boo#737752 Gabriele Mohr gabi2 Closed
Tag"<small><tt>" is displayed in Flash player /Novell-Client-Script/Novell-Client license
boo#758230 Gabriele Mohr gabi2 Closed
yast ncurses: displays tags (</pre>, </p>)
boo#805407 Gabriele Mohr gabi2 Closed
iscsi client - using target authentication does not work
boo#865597 Gabriele Mohr gabi2 Closed
yast - non UTF-8 setting - the menu is not recoded

There's nothing to be done right now

Request History

Gabriele Mohr gabi2 created request over 2 years ago
bnc #865597
Andreas Jaeger a_jaeger Request got declined about 2 years ago
do you really want to submit this to build.opensuse.org?

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