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Request 231986 (revoked)

addon - sr#231985

Submit package home:Dmit...:Factory / mozilla-k...egration to package mozilla:Factory / mozilla-kde4-integration


There's nothing to be done right now

Request History

Dmitry Roshchin Dmitry_R created request over 2 years ago
addon - sr#231985
Dmitry Roshchin Dmitry_R Request got revoked over 2 years ago
The source project 'home:Dmitry_R:branches:mozilla:Factory' was removed

Comments for request 231986 (2)

Wolfgang Rosenauer wrosenauer wrote over 2 years ago

I would like to see a bit more testing feedback before making the change. Actually if it works nicely it might be added as a Recommends in MozillaFirefox, MozillaThunderbird and Seamonkey since it's also meant to support Gnome and other desktops (supporting libnotify). But what I would like to have first is some confirmation that HTML5 web notifications work as desired since the Mozilla people claim that not every notification implementation supports the required flexibility.

Dmitry Roshchin Dmitry_R wrote over 2 years ago

I'm testing it only on 2 KDE desktops without any problems.