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Request 241364 (revoked)

ete2 Phylogenetic tree manipulation

Submit package home:ealin:varia / python-ete2 to package science / python-ete2

The diff call for /source/home:ealin:varia/python-ete2?cmd=diff&expand=1&filelimit=10000&orev=0&rev=6&view=xml&withissues=1 failed: package 'python-ete2' does not exist

There's nothing to be done right now

Request History

Alin M Elena ealin created request over 2 years ago
ete2 Phylogenetic tree manipulation
Dirk Stoecker dstoecker Request got declined over 2 years ago
See comment from Mailaender.
Alin M Elena ealin Request got revoked almost 2 years ago
The source package 'home:ealin:varia' 'python-ete2' was removed

Comments for request 241364 (1)

Matthias Mailänder Mailaender wrote over 2 years ago

The %clean is redundant. Please create a python-ete2.changes file and add yourself as contributor there for correct attribution.