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Involved Projects and Packages

generic openSUSE packages overall.

working latest build of modern userspace console implementation `kmscon`
updated in-kernel exfat support
p7zip with its upstream GUI support enabled

Currently is focused on updated versions of mednafen, dolphin-emu and my64py (Packman's Mupen64plus-2 is needed)
Needs games, KDE:Extra, X11:XOrg repos and, naturally, all my other personal repos.

This is mainly for JACK/PA/ALSA interoperability and sound works (like ardour3, jamin, libflashsupport-jack, qastools, pasystray)
and subtitle editing (subtitleeditor and aegisub)

Requires multimedia:libs, multimedia:apps and Packman repos

Various updated network packages.

Newest NetworkManager-kde4, NetworkManager-gnome (nm-applet), ModemManager and bluez (GNOME:STABLE:3.12 and KDE:Current repos may be needed for correct work).


Repo for OpenSUSE-based live cd/usb aimed to be fully functional slim desktop system for advanced users.
The rules of this repo and ones it depends upon:
1) In this repo located only packages that specific to HSF.
2) Generic openSUSE packages are for other X0F repos.
3) If some repo is used in HSF, it gets added as a dependency for this repo.
4) If only selected packages from other repos are needed to be used for HSF, they are branched or imported as is.
5) Primary and fully supported target is "Tumbleweed", latest actual openSUSE release is supported for builds but is not tested ! Everything else may not work at all.


Here lie specs that may me useful some day but not now

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