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Involved Projects and Packages

The win_iconv is an implementation of iconv for Windows by Yukihiro Nakadaira
that has a much smaller footprint than GNU libiconv.

windows:mingw:win64 / mingw64-wv Maintainer Bugowner

WV is a program that can understand the Microsoft Word 8 binary file
format (Office97). It currently converts Word into HTML, which can then
be read with a web browser.

XPM (X PixMap) is a format for storing/retrieving X pixmaps to/from files.

Here is provided a library containing a set of four functions, similar to
the X bitmap functions as defined in the Xlib: XpmCreatePixmapFromData,
XpmCreateDataFromPixmap, XpmReadFileToPixmap and XpmWriteFileFromPixmap
for respectively including, storing, reading and writing this format, plus
four other: XpmCreateImageFromData, XpmCreateDataFromImage,
XpmReadFileToImage and XpmWriteFileFromImage for working with images
instead of pixmaps.

This new version provides a C includable format, defaults for different
types of display: monochrome/color/grayscale, hotspot coordinates and symbol
names for colors for overriding default colors when creating the pixmap. It
provides a mechanism for storing information while reading a file which is
re-used while writing. This way comments, default colors and symbol names
aren't lost. It also handles "transparent pixels" by returning a shape mask
in addition to the created pixmap.

windows:mingw:win64 / mingw64-xz Maintainer Bugowner

The xz command is a very powerful program for compressing files.

* Average compression ratio of LZMA is about 30% better than that of
gzip, and 15% better than that of bzip2.

* Decompression speed is only little slower than that of gzip, being
two to five times faster than bzip2.

* In fast mode, compresses faster than bzip2 with a comparable
compression ratio.

* Achieving the best compression ratios takes four to even twelve
times longer than with bzip2. However. this doesn't affect
decompressing speed.

* Very similar command line interface to what gzip and bzip2 have.

zlib is designed to be a free, general-purpose, legally unencumbered -- that is, not covered by any patents -- lossless
data-compression library for use on virtually any computer hardware and operating system.

Packages in this project are built from the stable Git branch and contain fixes and features that are planned for the next stable release.

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