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The openSUSE Build Service is the public instance of the Open Build Service (OBS) used for development of the openSUSE distribution and to offer packages from same source for Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, SUSE Linux Enterprise and other distributions..

Please find further details of this service on our wiki pages

This instance offers a special package search interface. Users of any distribution can search there for built packages for their distribution. For developers it is an efficient place to build up groups and work together through its project model.

System Status
Lars Vogdt's avatar lrupp wrote 5 days ago

Welcome a nice Easter present from our sponsor SUSE: we got 4 new servers, that replaced the old backend machines. Each machine has 64 cores (AMD EPYC 7702) and 1TB RAM, powering the ~40 virtual machines forming the backend infrastructure. The old machines are now running as build workers. You can find them on the monitoring page as "old-cirrus" machines (AMD Opteron 6348, 500GB RAM).

Adrian Schröter's avatar adrianSuSE wrote about 1 month ago

Arch Linux builds became temporary "excluded". The issue is resolved again.

Adrian Schröter's avatar adrianSuSE wrote about 2 months ago

We had a regression since some weeks, leading to hanging jobs before starting. This got solved now again

Hendrik Vogelsang's avatar hennevogel wrote about 2 months ago

Thanks to Tina it is now possible to build flatpaks with OBS! Head over to our blog to learn more.

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