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borgbackup-1.1.17-old-sphinx-api.patch 0000000408 408 Bytes 4 months
borgbackup-1.1.17.tar.gz 0003781411 3.61 MB 4 months
borgbackup-1.1.17.tar.gz.asc 0000000862 862 Bytes 4 months
borgbackup-1.1.4-sphinx-default-theme.patch 0000001142 1.12 KB over 3 years
borgbackup.changes 0000067971 66.4 KB 4 months
borgbackup.keyring 0000010419 10.2 KB over 3 years
borgbackup.spec 0000008614 8.41 KB 4 months
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Torsten Gruner's avatar

Simmphonie wrote over 2 years ago

borg mount /backup /mnt fails with python3-msgpack version 0.6.1. Version 0.5.4 works well.

Karol Babioch's avatar

kbabioch wrote over 2 years ago

This whole msgpack situation is really messy and I don't like that it is so picky about the version at all. Should we do anything about this (based on your findings) or leave it as-is for now?

Hans-Peter Jansen's avatar

frispete wrote over 2 years ago

Fixing this mess right now, thanks to upstream, they bundle the preferred msgpack now!

Hans-Peter Jansen's avatar

frispete wrote over 2 years ago

Would you please stress test this release on your side before I submit it to Factory?

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