Java online banking client using the HBCI standard

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A free Java homebanking application that uses the HBCI4Java implementation
and runs as a plugin inside the Jameica framework. Support chipcards
key files and PIN/TAN including chipTAN and smsTAN for authentification.
Supported file formats include MT940, DTAUS, CSV, Moneyplex and PDF/HTML.

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You write in the changelog: - update to version 2.10.8 * BUG: 1000 update to HBCI4Java 3.1.62 But this is wrong, because you have excluded hbci, i.e. you are not using the sources of the package, but your own package. You are actually using 3.1.55 Totally outdated and critical for such an important security package. But I pointed this out months or years ago when I got out of packaging this package because I predicted exactly this and one of the maintainers wanted it at all costs. I think absolutely zero of this separation. It will make everything more complicated and above all much more costly and very important in the case.... Safety-critical.

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