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A Dynamic Loadable Curses Module for Perl5

This is a dynamic loadable curses module for Perl5. This package can
be found at any CPAN archive.

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Michael Traxler's avatar

mmmm wrote about 1 month ago

Unfortunately, this module doesn't work anymore, at least for Tumbleweed (up to date).

use Curses;


getmaxyx($row, $col);

exits the application with the message

Curses function 'getbegyx' is not defined in your Curses library at /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.32.1/Curses/UI/Widget.pm line 431.

Seems that the getbegyx function is missing in /usr/lib64/libncursesw.so.6.2 Also getmaxyx is missing.

Any hints to solve this?

Thanks, Michael

Pedro Monreal Gonzalez's avatar

pmonrealgonzalez wrote 29 days ago

Hi, Michael! Please, use bugzilla for reporting bugs. This issue was reported in bsc#1119646.

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