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Prosody is a flexible communications server for Jabber/XMPP written in Lua. It aims to be easy to use, and light on resources. For developers it aims to be easy to extend and give a flexible
system on which to rapidly develop added functionality, or prototype new protocols.

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Reinhard Max's avatar

Is there a reason why the prosody package still uses lua 5.1 rather than one of the newer versions?

I just noticed that prosody these days warns about 5.1 on startup:

Lua 5.1 has several issues and support is being phased out, consider upgrading

And their web page says that the 0.12 series of releases will be the last to support for 5.1:

Michael Vetter's avatar

Reason was that it was 5.1 before and I didn't have enough time to test it with 5.3. So I left it as long as they support it. When I talked with upstream they even mentioned that at that point 5.1 might work better. This might have changed by now and we can upgrade to 5.3

Reinhard Max's avatar

FYI, I just created a branch of prosody for Lua 5.4 and so far it runs fine on my server. In that branch I also removed the pre-created certificates from the package, because I think it is bad security practice and I've had cases where prosody picked up these shipped certificates instead of the ones I had configured on my server.

If I don't find any issues with this on my own server I'll submit it in a few days.

Michael Vetter's avatar

Great! If you want you can also send a maintainer request. I have used Prosody for a couple of years but have then switched to ejabberd. It would be great to have an an (additional) maintainer that uses Prosody actively!

Reinhard Max's avatar

I've sent the SRs for prosody and the modules package. Feel free to check the "add as a maintainer" box when accepting the submissions if you want to have me as an additional maintainer, but be warned that I know virtually nothing about lua.

BTW, do you think it would make sense to move prosody (and for that matter ejabberd as well) from their respective devel:languages project to server:messaging where jabberd lives as well? I think devel:languages is mainly meant for the cores, libraries and toools around those languages, but shouldn't contain applications that just happen to be implemented in a particular language.

Michael Vetter's avatar

Yes good point. prosody was here when I joined so I never changed that. In the meantime I created network:messaging:xmpp though. For all kinds of xmpp libraries and clients and servers. I also pinged maintainers of other xmpp software to move it there but noone did so far (gajim, and another client which i forgot..).

Michael Vetter's avatar

SR accepted. And added you as maintainer as well :)

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