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Crazy Eddie's GUI System is a free library providing windowing and widgets for graphics APIs / engines where such functionality is not natively available, or severely lacking. The library is object orientated, written in C++, and targeted at games developers who should be spending their time creating great games, not building GUI sub-systems!

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
SimpleTimer_kfreebsd 0000000658 658 Bytes
cegui-0.8.3-irrlicht.patch 0000001062 1.04 KB
cegui-0.8.7.tar.bz2 0018114465 17.3 MB
cegui.changes 0000015553 15.2 KB
cegui.dsc 0000000781 781 Bytes
cegui.spec 0000004300 4.2 KB
cmakelistchanges 0000001762 1.72 KB
debian.changelog 0000019207 18.8 KB
debian.compat 0000000002 2 Bytes
debian.control 0000003330 3.25 KB
debian.libcegui-mk2-0.8.7-dbg.dirs 0000000014 14 Bytes
debian.libcegui-mk2-0.8.7.dirs 0000000034 34 Bytes
debian.libcegui-mk2-0.8.7.install 0000000140 140 Bytes
debian.libcegui-mk2-dev.dirs 0000000048 48 Bytes
debian.libcegui-mk2-dev.install 0000000065 65 Bytes
debian.libcegui-mk2-doc.dirs 0000000057 57 Bytes
debian.libcegui-mk2-doc.doc-base 0000000265 265 Bytes
debian.libcegui-mk2-doc.install 0000000024 24 Bytes
debian.rules 0000002691 2.63 KB
debian.series 0000000066 66 Bytes
doxygenout 0000000888 888 Bytes
xerces32_changes 0000001387 1.35 KB
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Hanka Bielicka's avatar

Hello, Erik Ogenvik , this one CEGUI library seems to be flawed, because it does not have any rendered besides Null one ! Please be so nice and compile it with Ogre support,

best regards.

Erik Ogenvik's avatar

Hi, this is by design. This package is meant to be used by the Ember client, which uses Ogre 1.12. Since the Ogre renderer in CEGUI 0.8.7 isn't compatible with this version of Ogre we instead build the renderer as part of Ember.

Hanka Bielicka's avatar

Well the tip of branch 'default' IS compatible , I have build it myself ( with a few source mendings) , but I don;'t want to do 'make install' instead I wish for a package which I could safely remove and add to my system ( for me and other ogre users ) . I am completly OBS agnostic, please help...

Erik Ogenvik's avatar

I think you should be able to clone both this package as well as the Ogre one that we supply, and just add the Ogre as a dependency to your copy of CEGUI. Just make sure to update the sources for the CEGUI so that you're using the tip of the default branch.

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