CHM Viewer for UNIX

xCHM is a cross-platform GUI front-end to chmlib, with borrowed bits
from Pabs' chmdeco project.
xCHM can show the content tree if one is available, print pages, change
font face and size, remember bookmarks, display a searchable index, and
search for words in the current page and the whole book.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed Actions
xchm-1.23-russian.patch 0000002850 2.78 KB over 6 years
xchm-1.23.tar.gz 0000474274 463 KB over 6 years
xchm-wx3.0-compat.patch 0000000927 927 Bytes almost 2 years
xchm.1 0000001696 1.66 KB about 8 years
xchm.changes 0000001471 1.44 KB almost 2 years
xchm.desktop 0000000407 407 Bytes almost 7 years
xchm.spec 0000003046 2.97 KB almost 2 years
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