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Virtualization Utilities


Various virtualization solutions have a common need for ancillary
utilities which manage storage, snapshotting, monitoring, etc.

Both KVM and Xen derive their device and machine model from qemu and
inherit a lot from it's approach to emulation/virtualization. This
package is hence a good place to have qemu related tools reside.
Additionally, any other utilities which have use across the various
virtualization solutions available have a home here.

Fabrice Bellard
Ron Terry

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
qemu-0.15.0.tar.bz2 0008027578 7.66 MB over 9 years
qemu-img-vmdk-scsi.patch 0000004595 4.49 KB almost 10 years
qemu-img-vpc.patch 0000000577 577 Bytes over 9 years
virt-utils.changes 0000002997 2.93 KB over 9 years
virt-utils.spec 0000003161 3.09 KB over 9 years
vm-snapshot-disk 0000023943 23.4 KB almost 10 years
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