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Vim for SUSE-based distros

Vim (Vi IMproved) is an almost compatible version of the UNIX editor vi. Almost every possible command can be performed using only ASCII characters. Only the 'Q' command is missing (you do not need it). Many new features have been added: multilevel undo, command line history, file name completion, block operations, and editing of binary data.

Vi is available for the AMIGA, MS-DOS, Windows NT, and various versions of UNIX.

With 8.0.0342 on 20 February 2017 (AEST) I have decided that this package will no longer provide vi (in revisions 108 to 118 I attempted to get this package to provide an alternate version of vi, namely a package I called vim-minimal, after the Red Hat distro package of the same name provided by vim-redhat, but these efforts failed as vi kept reading /etc/vimrc and this lead to errors relating to the spec skeleton). The version of vi it used to provide was not really vi-like at all, it included syntax-highlighting and other features the original vi editor couldn't dream of. If you want to install vi (to provide /bin/vi) use the vi package in this project https://build.opensuse.org/package/show/home:fusion809/vi.

Download page can be found here (https://software.opensuse.org/download.html?project=home%3Afusion809&package=vim). 

SLE 12-* builds are disabled due to errors like https://paste2.org/VxMX4Mm9. 

Source Files

Filename Size Changed Actions
README.Japanese-XIM 788 Bytes Download File
_service 59 Bytes Download File
apparmor.vim 24.7 KB Download File
extern.patch 977 Bytes Download File
gvim.desktop 1.19 KB Download File
gvim.svg 9.34 KB Download File
gvim16.png 226 Bytes Download File
gvim32.png 347 Bytes Download File
gvim48.png 474 Bytes Download File
gvim64.png 4.38 KB Download File
missing-vim-client 143 Bytes Download File
ruby-fix.patch 409 Bytes Download File
spec.skeleton 1.11 KB Download File
suse.gvimrc 5.91 KB Download File
suse.vimrc 7.91 KB Download File
vim-7.0-rclocation.patch 485 Bytes Download File
vim-7.3-filetype_changes.patch 2.1 KB Download File
vim-7.3-filetype_ftl.patch 1.93 KB Download File
vim-7.3-filetype_spec.patch 3.44 KB Download File
vim-7.3-gvimrc_fontset.patch 1.07 KB Download File
vim-7.3-help_tags.patch 551 Bytes Download File
vim-7.3-mktemp_tutor.patch 564 Bytes Download File
vim-7.3-name_vimrc.patch 540 Bytes Download File
vim-7.3-sh_is_bash.patch 545 Bytes Download File
vim-7.3-use_awk.patch 328 Bytes Download File
vim-7.4-disable_lang_no.patch 509 Bytes Download File
vim-7.4-filetype_apparmor.patch 561 Bytes Download File
vim-7.4-filetype_mine.patch 738 Bytes Download File
vim-7.4-highlight_fstab.patch 1.67 KB Download File
vim-7.4-rpmlintrc 168 Bytes Download File
vim.changes 184 Bytes Download File
vim.log 288 Bytes Download File
vim.spec 20.8 KB Download File
vim132 273 Bytes Download File
vimrc_example1 5.06 KB Download File
vimrc_example2 55.1 KB Download File
virc 1.18 KB Download File
vitmp.1 1.07 KB Download File
vitmp.c 823 Bytes Download File

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