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Read delay accounting statistics from the kernel

Since SUSE Linux 10.1 / SLES10, we ship kernels with delay accounting enabled.
You can read, how often and how long a process or a process group has been waiting for getting the CPU
assigned, for getting (synchronous) disk I/O done or for paging in memory pages.

Accesing the data works via netlink and requires the utility getdelays, which is included since 10.1 as well.
However, the delayacct kernel developers have screwed up and broken the struct several times, resulting in
the versions shipped with 10.1, 10.2 (and originally with SLES10) breaking. The version on SLES10SP1 got

This package contains checks for the version of the exported struct and compensates for the known changes,
thus working across 10.1/SLES10 ... 10.3 kernels (and beyond if the IBM folks don't screw up once more).

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delayacct-utils-0.3.tar.bz2 0000013488 13.2 KB almost 15 years
delayacct-utils.changes 0000000995 995 Bytes almost 15 years
delayacct-utils.spec 0000001896 1.85 KB almost 15 years
getdelays-compat.diff 0000004035 3.94 KB almost 15 years
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