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Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer is capable of doing multi-channel editing, it contains an automation editor and you might want live export to audio files. There are sequencer machines as well a fully featured notation editor. Supporting copy & paste, resizing audio channels or align in-/output pads. Supported plugin formats are LADSPA, DSSI and Lv2. Output to soundcard is done by ALSA, Pulseaudio or JACK Audio Connection Kit. MIDI input can be performed by connecting a keyboard.

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gsequencer-6.13.4.tar.gz 0011114032 10.6 MB
gsequencer.1-improved-glib-compatibility.patch 0000001312 1.28 KB
gsequencer.changes 0000071610 69.9 KB
gsequencer.spec 0000008942 8.73 KB
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Thanks for your reply and patch, however there is a problem on leap 15.1: E: gsequencer implicit-fortify-decl ags/lib/ags_math_util.c:84, 97, 176, 772, 976, 982, 1272, 1339, 1375, 1400, 1491, 1514, 1857

thanks for your dedication! :)

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The solution seems to be to add #include <string.h> in the ags/lib/ags_math_util.c

Joël Krähemann's avatar

Yes, this is true. I just provided a new upstream version gsequencer-3.3.12.tar.gz including the fix.

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Hi, I just sent you an email, I was asking for Italian translation. Please, translate if you have some time to do so.

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