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musfay wrote over 1 year ago

Hi Paolo! Creating local archive files is the only reason preventing us from submitting android-tools into Factory? I can provide those. Here is my branch with 9.0.0_r68 https://build.opensuse.org/package/show/home:musfay:branches:hardware/android-tools

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munix9 wrote over 1 year ago

Hi Mustafa,

thanks for your suggestion.

I recommend to create a bug entry on bugzilla.opensuse.org about this, so that the topic can be discussed concretely.
I have only changed or solved a few points on the package so far (updates, glibc hack, man-pages, bash-completion) - there may also need to be a fundamental solution to the maintenance issue.

I had already set up your approach for testing some time ago - see

and the corresponding discussion at
(1) https://build.opensuse.org/package/show/hardware/android-tools#comments-list

Some points that might be important
- fundamental question of maintenance
- choice of version (9, 10, 11 or like Arch 31 -
see https://archlinux.org/packages/community/x86_64/android-tools/)
- handling of the maintenance, because the sources are several GB big
- ...

It would also make sense to invite the people who have given comments on the topic so far (see (1)).

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