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A SMB/CIFS File, Print, and Authentication Server


Samba is a suite of programs that allows SMB/CIFS clients to use the
Unix file space, printers, and authentication subsystem.

The package named samba contains all programs that are needed to act as
a server. The binaries expect the configuration file to be found in

For a more detailed description of Samba, check the samba-doc package
or the Samba.org Web page at http://www.Samba.org/

Please check http://en.openSUSE.org/Samba for general information on
Samba as part of SUSE Linux Enterprise or openSUSE products, links to
binary packages of the most current Samba version, and a bug reporting
how to.

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samba-client-rpmlintrc 0000000037 37 Bytes over 9 years
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