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borgbackup 1.2.0b3

This project was created for package borgbackup via attribute OBS:Maintained
It builds the beta version of borg (1.2.0b3) to test the pyfuse functionalty to be able to mount borg archives with pyfuse3.
It has been tested on my system (Tumbleweed) and is working as intended.
Feel free to test.

version update to 1.2.0b3
change BuildRequires to python >= 3.7
supports msgpack up to 1.0.2
add %define for required borgbackup prefixes
Add BuildRequires: python3-msgpack, it ist not included with borgbackup v 1.2.0 anymore
Add BuildRequires: python3-dateutil, otherwise borgbackup will not build.
Add python3-pyfuse3 as a Requirement because upstream recommends this if pyfuse3 is available on the system. Otherwise we are not able to mount archives with borgbackup
change path for msgpack license copy.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
borgbackup-1.1.4-sphinx-default-theme.patch 0000001142 1.12 KB over 3 years
borgbackup-1.2.0b3.tar.gz 0003952577 3.77 MB 5 months
borgbackup-1.2.0b3.tar.gz.asc 0000000862 862 Bytes 5 months
borgbackup.changes 0000062742 61.3 KB 5 months
borgbackup.keyring 0000010419 10.2 KB over 3 years
borgbackup.spec 0000008701 8.5 KB 5 months
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