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An MS Windows emulator

An MS Windows emulator, consisting of both runtime and also source
compatibility functions. You can run your MS executables with it, and
you can write your Windows programs under Linux and link against the
WINE libraries.

It is not necessary to have a Windows installation to run WINE.

Please have a look at /usr/share/doc/packages/wine/README.SuSE. There
is more documentation available in that directory. Read 'man wine' for
further information.

You can invoke wine by entering: 'wine program.exe' wine can be
configured by running 'winecfg'.

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baselibs.conf 0000000401 401 Bytes over 9 years
project.diff 0000000487 487 Bytes about 8 years
susepatches.patch 0000000666 666 Bytes over 9 years
ubuntuwine.tar.bz2 0000026725 26.1 KB about 8 years
wine-1.9.6.tar.bz2 0023174311 22.1 MB over 5 years
wine-1.9.6.tar.bz2.sign 0000000819 819 Bytes over 5 years
wine.changes 0000147150 144 KB over 5 years
wine.dsc 0000001243 1.21 KB about 6 years
wine.spec 0000014985 14.6 KB over 5 years
winetricks.1 0000003605 3.52 KB over 7 years
wisotool 0000317786 310 KB almost 11 years
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