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Krename is a very powerful batch file renamer for KDE3. Features
include: -renaming a list of files based on a set of expressions
-copying and moving a list of files to another directory -converting
filenames to uppercase or lowercase -adding numbers to filenames
-finding and replacing parts of the filename -renaming MP3 or Ogg
Vorbis files based on their ID3 tags -setting access and modification
dates -managing permissions and file ownership -extending krename's
features with a plug-in API -renaming directories recursively
-supporting KFilePlugins -creating an undo file

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
Fix-build-with-exiv2_0.28.patch 0000002396 2.34 KB
Fix-building-against-exiv2-0.27.patch 0000001294 1.26 KB
Support-podofo-0.10.patch 0000002639 2.58 KB
desktop-files.diff 0000000479 479 Bytes
fix-freetype2-includes.patch 0000000508 508 Bytes
gcc6-fix.patch 0000000731 731 Bytes
krename-4.0.7_add_common_names_to_FindLIBPODOFO.patch 0000000711 711 Bytes
krename-4.0.9.tar.bz2 0000244658 239 KB
krename.changes 0000010016 9.78 KB
krename.spec 0000004229 4.13 KB
remove-gplv2-code.diff 0000001523 1.49 KB
servicemenus-files.patch 0000001279 1.25 KB
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