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Tool for finding memory management bugs in programs

Valgrind is a tool to help you find memory-management problems in your programs. When a program is run under Valgrind's supervision, all reads and writes of memory are checked, and calls to malloc/new/free/delete are intercepted. As a result, Valgrind can detect a lot of problems that are otherwise very hard to find/diagnose.

Source Files

Filename Size Changed Actions
valgrind-3.8.1-abbrev-parsing.patch 2.35 KB Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-amd64-sigstack.patch 1.22 KB Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-annotate-trace-memory.patch 852 Bytes Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-aspacemgr_VG_N_SEGs.patch 642 Bytes Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-avx2-bmi-fma.patch.gz 370 KB Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-avx2-prereq.patch 954 Bytes Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-bcopy.patch 745 Bytes Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-bmi-conf-check.patch 1.26 KB Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-cachegrind-improvements.patch 1.79 KB Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-capget.patch 1.46 KB Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-cfi_dw_ops.patch 14 KB Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-config_h.patch 459 Bytes Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-enable-armv5.patch 632 Bytes Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-ethtool.patch 16.8 KB Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-filter_gdb.patch 420 Bytes Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-find-buildid.patch 1.55 KB Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-gdbserver_exit.patch 23.2 KB Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-gdbserver_tests-mcinvoke-ppc64.patch 1.26 KB Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-gdbserver_tests-syscall-template-source.patch 862 Bytes Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-helgrind-race-supp.patch 409 Bytes Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-hwcaps-no-lzcnt.patch 681 Bytes Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-ldso-supp.patch 683 Bytes Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-llcache-size.patch 6.07 KB Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-memcheck-mc_translate-Iop_8HLto16.patch 446 Bytes Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-mmxext.patch 37.8 KB Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-movntdqa.patch 1.43 KB Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-mpx.patch 6.96 KB Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-openat.patch 1.3 KB Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-overlap_memcpy_filter.patch 1.19 KB Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-pie.patch 1.85 KB Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-pkg-config.patch 341 Bytes Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-ppc-setxattr.patch 2.44 KB Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-ppc32-instr-magic.patch 4.8 KB Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-ppc64-prctl.patch 1.04 KB Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-ppc64-priority.patch 1.2 KB Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-proc-auxv.patch 11.5 KB Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-s390-STFLE.patch 5.54 KB Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-s390-dup3.patch 785 Bytes Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-s390-spechelper.patch 2.31 KB Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-stat_h.patch 1.64 KB Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-wcs.patch 9.81 KB Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-x86_amd64_features-avx.patch 410 Bytes Download File
valgrind-3.8.1-xaddb.patch 1.08 KB Download File
valgrind-3.8.1.tar.bz2 7.59 MB
valgrind-obs-fake-uname.patch 483 Bytes Download File
valgrind.spec 29.6 KB Download File

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