HylaFAX+ is a fork of HylaFAX with certain important added features. Most notably (for me) are the accounting and event notification hooks and the "-j" option to sendfax which allows the sender client to attach arbitrary metadata to the fax job which can then be searched for later, either on the server or even remotely via faxstat.

Both of those features in different ways allow for database integration which the original hylafax lacks.

Unfortunately the current maintainers of the main hylafax.org version happen to SELL a commercial enhancement to hylafax which adds database integration, so that key feature is unlikely to appear in the main hylafax any time soon.

This (homee:aljex) build differs from most others in that this package has all features enabled, including color faxing and jbig support. This requires a few other new or updated packages from the stock opensuse system as dependencies (jbig-kit, newer version of tiff). This (home:aljex) repository contains all necessary dependencies and this HylaFAX+ package has all features enabled.


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