Extract Plain Text from PostScript or PDF

Pstotext extracts plain text from PostScript documents. It deals successfully
with a wide variety of encoding vectors, and it re-assembles words that have
been broken up for pair-kerning (it doesn't re-assemble words that have been
hyphenated, though). It also works (though a little less reliably) on PDF

Source Files
Filename Size Changed Actions
1.9-flags.patch 0000000775 775 Bytes over 7 years
pstotext-1.9-CVE-2006-5869.patch 0000003566 3.48 KB over 7 years
pstotext-1.9.tar.gz 0000037461 36.6 KB almost 11 years
pstotext-signed_unsigned_compare.patch 0000000818 818 Bytes over 11 years
pstotext.changes 0000001170 1.14 KB over 7 years
pstotext.spec 0000002384 2.33 KB over 7 years
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