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Non-blocking streaming JSON codec for OCaml


Jsonm is an OCaml non-blocking streaming codec to decode and encode the JSON
data format. It can process JSON text without blocking on IO and without a
complete in-memory representation of the data.

The uncut codec also processes whitespace and (non-standard) JSON with
JavaScript comments.

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_service 0000000709 709 Bytes 5 months
ocaml-jsonm-1.0.1.tar.xz 0000020476 20 KB 5 months
ocaml-jsonm.changes 0000001388 1.36 KB 5 months
ocaml-jsonm.patch 0000000245 245 Bytes 5 months
ocaml-jsonm.spec 0000002054 2.01 KB 5 months
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1Antoine1 wrote almost 4 years ago

@olh: Any reason to prefer oasis over topkg? I find the syntax of topkg a lot more straightforward than all this hardcoded oasis stuff inside spec file. Besides, the author of jsonm is also the author of topkg (and uutf and others), topkg seems pretty appropriate.

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