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The Apache Web Server Version 2.4

This version of httpd is a major release of the 2.4 stable branch,
and represents the best available version of Apache HTTP Server.
New features include Loadable MPMs, major improvements to OCSP support,
mod_lua, Dynamic Reverse Proxy configuration, Improved Authentication/
Authorization, FastCGI Proxy, New Expression Parser, and a Small Object
Caching API.

 See %{_docdir}/apache2/, http://httpd.apache.org/, and

This particular package was modified to run in non-systemd environments.
Some differences to other systemd-based openSUSE-* apache2 packages apply:
* the apache control RPM macros have no effect. => No restart on update
* there are two configuration frameworks to launch apache:
  1) /usr/sbin/start_apache2
     uses /usr/share/apache2/script-helpers, but not much else.
  2) /etc/init.d/apache2
     uses find_httpd_includes, find_mpm, get_includes, get_module_list
     and load_configuration from /usr/share/apache2
     openSUSE apache2-2.4.x packages have those scripts stored in
     /usr/share/apache2/deprecated-scripts - _this_ apache2-2.4.x package
     has them in /usr/share/apache2/. They normally do not collide
     with /usr/share/apache2/script-helpers .

The transition from apache 2.2 to 2.4 will not be without some glitches.
Consult your error_log for details, normally the clue provided there is
very useful.
Particular stuff to watch out:
  1) a2enmod access_compat
  2) SSLProtocol TLSv1.2 # if you are using the openssl 1.0.1 version of 11.4
  3) Include something?something won't work if the wildcard does not match.
     IncludeOptional needs to be used in /etc/apache2/default-server.conf
  4) NameVirtualHost is not needed any longer, triggers a warning.
  5) DefaultType is not accepted any longer in /etc/apache2/httpd.conf
  6) mod_ssl requires mod_socache_shmcb (a2enmod mod_socache_shmcb)
  7) SSLMutex does not exist any longer, in favour of a more generic
     directive "Mutex". Just uncomment, if it was set to "default".


Source Files

Filename Size Changed Actions
60C5442D.key 62.8 KB Download File
SUSE-NOTICE 729 Bytes Download File
a2enflag 1.26 KB Download File
a2enmod 1.63 KB Download File
apache-22-24-upgrade 495 Bytes Download File
apache-ssl-stuff.tar.bz2 851 Bytes Download File
apache2-README 4.21 KB Download File
apache2-README-access_compat.txt 2.46 KB Download File
apache2-README-instances.txt 1.44 KB Download File
apache2-README.QUICKSTART 76 Bytes Download File
apache2-check_forensic 916 Bytes Download File
apache2-default-server.conf 4.16 KB Download File
apache2-errors.conf 2.86 KB Download File
apache2-find-directives 3.72 KB Download File
apache2-global.conf 128 Bytes Download File
apache2-httpd.conf 8.82 KB Download File
apache2-listen.conf 1.03 KB Download File
apache2-loadmodule.conf 1.91 KB Download File
apache2-manual.conf 793 Bytes Download File
apache2-mod_autoindex-defaults.conf 1.47 KB Download File
apache2-mod_cgid-timeout.conf 344 Bytes Download File
apache2-mod_info.conf 499 Bytes Download File
apache2-mod_log_config.conf 1.03 KB Download File
apache2-mod_mime-defaults.conf 5.12 KB Download File
apache2-mod_reqtimeout.conf 1020 Bytes Download File
apache2-mod_status.conf 456 Bytes Download File
apache2-mod_userdir.conf 1.47 KB Download File
apache2-mod_usertrack.conf 85 Bytes Download File
apache2-script-helpers 2.67 KB Download File
apache2-server-tuning.conf 5.26 KB Download File
apache2-ssl-global.conf 6.24 KB Download File
apache2-systemd-ask-pass 79 Bytes Download File
apache2-vhost-ssl.template 1.7 KB Download File
apache2-vhost.template 4.47 KB Download File
apache2.changes 211 KB Download File
apache2.firewall 357 Bytes Download File
apache2.logrotate 636 Bytes Download File
apache2.service 550 Bytes Download File
apache2.spec 50.2 KB Download File
apache2.ssl-firewall 359 Bytes Download File
apache2.target 66 Bytes Download File
apache2.xml 3.03 KB Download File
apache2@.service 588 Bytes Download File
deprecated-scripts.tar.xz 2.99 KB Download File
favicon.ico 302 Bytes Download File
gensslcert 5.61 KB Download File
httpd-2.0.54-envvars.dif 411 Bytes Download File
httpd-2.1.3alpha-layout.dif 1.99 KB Download File
httpd-2.2.0-apxs-a2enmod.dif 5.09 KB Download File
httpd-2.4.12-lua-5.2.patch 5.43 KB Download File
httpd-2.4.20.tar.bz2 6.04 MB
httpd-2.4.3-mod_systemd.patch 5.14 KB Download File
httpd-2.4.9-bnc690734.patch 1.79 KB Download File
httpd-2.x.x-logresolve.patch 1.74 KB Download File
httpd-apachectl.patch 1.02 KB Download File
httpd-implicit-pointer-decl.patch 826 Bytes Download File
httpd-visibility.patch 11.2 KB Download File
permissions.apache2 67 Bytes Download File
rc.apache2 11.1 KB Download File
rc.apache2-22-style 11.1 KB Download File
robots.txt 229 Bytes Download File
start_apache2 4.61 KB Download File
sysconf_addword 2.68 KB Download File
sysconfig.apache2 8.52 KB Download File

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