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Compare perl data structures

Compare two perl data structures recursively. Returns 0 if the structures
differ, else returns 1.

A few data types are treated as special cases:

* Scalar::Properties objects

  This has been moved into a plugin, although functionality remains the
  same as with the previous version. Full documentation is in the
  Data::Compare::Plugins::Scalar::Properties manpage.

* Compiled regular expressions, eg qr/foo/

  These are stringified before comparison, so the following will match:

      $r = qr/abc/i;
      $s = qr/abc/i;
      Compare($r, $s);

  and the following won't, despite them matching *exactly* the same text:

      $r = qr/abc/i;
      $s = qr/[aA][bB][cC]/;
      Compare($r, $s);

  Sorry, that's the best we can do.

* CODE and GLOB references

  These are assumed not to match unless the references are identical - ie,
  both are references to the same thing.

You may also customise how we compare structures by supplying options in a
hashref as a third parameter to the 'Compare()' function. This is not yet
available through the OO-ish interface. These options will be in force for
the *whole* of your comparison, so will apply to structures that are
lurking deep down in your data as well as at the top level, so beware!

* ignore_hash_keys

  an arrayref of strings. When comparing two hashes, any keys mentioned in
  this list will be ignored.

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