a MIDI sequencing application helpful for music composers and live artists

harmonySEQ is a MIDI sequencer for Linux. Basically, it does what any
sequencer do – it playbacks a sequence of notes. However, it is slightly
different from most of the popular software sequencers.

A list of features consists of :

- Any number of synchronized sequencers
- Each can play different pattern of notes to different MIDI channels on different velocities
- Melodies/patterns may have unequal lengths and resolutions, but they will still be synchronized
- Sequencers use only notes from the chord that is bound to them, which makes it easy to keep them in tune
- Transposing, muting, changing chords and changing melodies can be done on the go, during the performance.
- Heavily customizable events-actions system, which one may use to make harmonySEQ react on events like keypress, noteon, etc.
- Saving and loading sequencer sets to files
- Multilingual GUI, (currently English, Polish and partially Turkish, please contribute and help translating harmonySEQ)

And it’s growing, because harmonySEQ is under active development.

Rafał Cieślak

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