This is kxstudio version.

This is a fork of the latest development code of the Calf plugin suite, originally available at
This fork was made to re-add purposefully removed features by Calf developers, which includes LADSPA, DSSI and LV2 External-UI support.

Additionally, LRDF typos were corrected and all DSSI GUIs work now.
The Calf project aims to provide a set of high quality audio plugins
for musicians, possibly in many different plugin formats, so that
you can use it no matter what audio applications you're accustomed
to. I aim at making these plugins high quality, even if it means
sacrificing performance or compatibility with old CPUs (there are
enough basic plugins available, it made sense to work on something
that wasn't covered before).

All the plugins are available in following formats:
* LV2
* LADSPA (complete with RDF file)
* Standalone JACK client application with auto-generated GUI

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