A MIDI SysEx Transfer Tool

Simple Sysexxer is a small tool that lets you exchange sysex data with your
MIDI devices. The most important idea is to make backups of the memory of
your devices. If you have spent nights over nights to get this killer sound
out of your synth it will be lost as soon as its battery gets low.

Furthermore it is common to share synth sounds and MIDI device settigns over
the internet. You can use Simple Sysexxer to send sysex files found on the
internet to your device. Please note: If the sounds are in MIDI or LIB
format, Simple Sysexxer cannot handle them. Ask the author to provide his
files in sysex format. If you got sysex in MIDI format, try using a
sequencer like Rosegarden or MusE to send it to your device.

All this is not only valid for synthesizers but for guitar amp emulators,
effects processors, MIDI controllers like faderboxes and footpedals as well.

Simple Sysexxer is ALSA only, there's no OSS support.

Christoph Eckert

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