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C++ implementation of OpenTLD

This is a C++ implementation of OpenTLD that was originally
published in MATLAB by Zdenek Kalal.

OpenTLD is used for tracking objects in video streams. What makes this
algorithm outstanding is that it does not make use of any training data. This
implementation is based solely on open source libraries, meaning that you do
not need any commercial products to compile or run it.

If you have a webcam attached to your PC, you can simply execute opentld in
order to try it out.

Source Files
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_service 0000000490 490 Bytes almost 6 years
build-as-shared-library.patch 0000007112 6.95 KB almost 6 years
cvblobs-adjust-for-opencv3.patch 0000001245 1.22 KB over 3 years
opentld.changes 0000001004 1004 Bytes over 3 years
opentld.dsc 0000000634 634 Bytes over 3 years
opentld.spec 0000002085 2.04 KB over 3 years
opentld_1.4.0+git.1472551346.160a7e2.debian.tar.gz 0000003546 3.46 KB over 3 years
opentld_1.4.0+git.1472551346.160a7e2.tar.xz 0000135564 132 KB over 3 years
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