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tmpwatch - Build Testing

Building tmpwatch from sources at https://pagure.io/tmpwatch

The goal of this project is to experiment with OBS.

In order to get this to compile using the git OBS service on SLES 11 SP4, I had to build a more recent version of tar_scm (which includes obs_scm) and also the recompress obs service. To accomplish this, I had to build a version of pyyaml for SLES 11 SP4.

The next hurdle was that the release tarball does not match the contents of the tarball generated using obs_scm,tar, and recompress. Based on the 'HACKING' doc from the tmpwatch package, I need gnulib-lib and autoreconf.

gnulib requires gnu-config and autoreconf is a part of autoconf which failed to run due to the configure.ac file specifying a newer version than what is included in SLES 11 SP4. So I had to pull in a newer version of both autoconf and automake.

I tried to make the spec file be as close to what the 'HACKING' doc specified as the build process. The doc specified running 'hg revert --all' after running gnulib-tool which I presume is to make sure that gnulib only adds missing files, no updates to existing files. I replaced this with reextracting the source tarball generated by obs. This might not be needed.

I chose this package for testing only because it seemed a simple app. I don't recommend using this package for anything. I guarantee that it compiles, that is all.

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_service 0000000608 608 Bytes over 2 years
tmpwatch-autoconf_version_patch.diff 0000000439 439 Bytes over 2 years
tmpwatch.changes 0000001952 1.91 KB almost 10 years
tmpwatch.daily 0000000400 400 Bytes over 4 years
tmpwatch.spec 0000002317 2.26 KB over 2 years
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neotinker2 wrote over 2 years ago

Apparently, OBS expects the tools needed by OBS to exist inside the containers used for compiling and building the final rpms. This seems to be a bad design.

Assuming that the package can be build on the desired platform, you would expect OBS to handle any OBS specific conversions outside the final container and to pass only those pieces needed to build the final product as specified by the packages Makefile, spec file, etc.

The current process guarantees that older systems or systems that don't include libraries and tools needed by the OBS services won't work.

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neotinker2 wrote over 2 years ago

Built requirements for tar service and added them to repository. We can now create a tarball and compress it with bzip2.

Unfortunately, the source code require autoconf be run to generate the 'configure' script which they apparently do before generating the release tarball but isn't being done when OBS generates the tarball.

When I add a call to autoconf within the spec file, it complains about version of autoconf required.

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