dd_rescue: Recover data from media with errors.

dd_rescue copies data from media with errors. It also supports reverse direction copying, so you can approach bad spots on your media from both directions.
The dd_rhelp tool automates this.

gnu_ddrescue has superceded the functionality for dd_rescue's primary purpose:
Copying data in presence of errors. In many scenarios, gnu_ddrescue is easier
to operate than dd_rescue with dd_rhelp.

dd_rescue is still very useful for some special features such as the splice and
sparse copies, preallocation and secure overwriting with random numbers.

The plugins to dd_rescue provide real additional value:
* hash calculation while copying, optionally even S3 multipart style
* lzo (de)compression while copying
* (de/en)crypting files while copying

dd_rescue also features optional bandwidth limitations and writing to several output files.

Source Files
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dd_rescue-1.99.8.tar.bz2 0000174594 171 KB about 2 years
dd_rescue-1.99.8.tar.bz2.asc 0000000811 811 Bytes about 2 years
dd_rescue.changes 0000025005 24.4 KB over 1 year
dd_rescue.keyring 0000090709 88.6 KB about 3 years
dd_rescue.spec 0000006024 5.88 KB over 1 year
ddr_1998-alg-caseindep.diff 0000004170 4.07 KB almost 2 years
ddr_1998-check-nofail-noxattr.diff 0000004103 4.01 KB almost 2 years
ddr_1998-ossl11-warn.diff 0000003143 3.07 KB almost 2 years
ddr_1998-sysrandom.diff 0000001446 1.41 KB almost 2 years
ddr_1998-testhole.diff 0000001265 1.24 KB almost 2 years
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