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MTK GPS Datalogger Device Control


i-Blue 747 / i-Blue 757 / Qstarz BT-Q1000 / i.Trek Z1 / Konet BGL-32 control software.

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BT747 0000000572 572 Bytes about 9 years
BT747.changes 0000001357 1.33 KB almost 6 years
BT747.desktop 0000000221 221 Bytes over 12 years
BT747.png 0000022693 22.2 KB about 13 years
BT747.spec 0000004328 4.23 KB almost 6 years
BT747D 0000000296 296 Bytes about 12 years
BT747D.desktop 0000000233 233 Bytes about 12 years
BT747_2.1.4_full.zip 0010468964 9.98 MB about 9 years
BT747_v1.56_en_Manual_20080921.pdf 0000296272 289 KB over 12 years
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Graeme Blackman's avatar

grb01 wrote over 1 year ago

Would it be possible to update BT747 to v2.2.1. v2.2.1 has a fix for the "GPS Week Number Rollover Bug" which prevented downloading logged data. Many thanks

Dirk Stoecker's avatar

dstoecker wrote over 1 year ago

If I try and use some old libs from 2.1.4 together with 2.2.1 I get the desktop version to start. The BT747 fails with "java.lang.VerifyError: (class: waba/fx/NativeMethods4JDK, method: soundClipStop signature: (Lwaba/fx/SoundClip;)Z) Incompatible argument to function" because of library incompatibilities. Any idea where I might get the correct files?

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