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Compressed RINEX tools by Yuki Hatanaka


RNX2CRX is a program to compress RINEX version 2 observation files into Compact RINEX format. CRX2RNX is the uncompression program to retrieve original RINEX files from Compact RINEX files. (See crinex.doc for details of the Compact RINEX format.)

Since Compact RINEX is ASCII text format, the high compression rate is achieved by combining the Compact RINEX file generation with an additional standard data compression program such as UNIX "compress" command.

For convenience, front-end tools RNX2CRZ and CRZ2CRX are also provided to do these two steps by one command. We recommend to use these tools for the compression/decompression of all RINEX files (i.e., for navigation message files and met files, too): They will automatically skip the Compact RINEX step for non-observation files.

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RNXCMP_4.0.8_src.tar.gz 0000029036 28.4 KB 8 months
c2rfx241.c 0000024068 23.5 KB over 14 years
c2rfx241_warnings.patch 0000004135 4.04 KB over 14 years
gpscal 0000002054 2.01 KB over 14 years
gpscal_shebang.patch 0000000205 205 Bytes over 14 years
rnxcmp.changes 0000004496 4.39 KB 8 months
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rnxcmp_warnings.patch 0000022340 21.8 KB over 14 years
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