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Dummy TeX Live with definition of install paths

The package solves a problem relating to use of TeX
Live under a Linux distribution: Linux distributions typically
require LaTeX by default, but only distribute a rather out-of-date
version. So, by default, the user who wants to use current TeX Live
has to undertake “dirty tricks” to override the default Linux TEX.

The solution is to declare that LaTeX is already installed; a later
installation of TeX Live will therefore have no problem running on
the system. The present package solves the problem for openSUSE Linux
distributions. It furthermore defines default install paths for the
TeX Live installation script, i.e. after installation of this package,
the default installtion paths of the TeX Live installer are adjusted
to openSUSE.

The package is based on the texlive-dummy package by Rolf Niepraschk
available here:

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