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requires kernels with ZRAM support.

bash based systemd service to manage zram drives, including swap.
Config file: /etc/zramservice.conf
Activate service: systemctl enable zram; systemctl start zram

- SIMPLE!!!!
- Robust script and config parsing
- Automatic size and memory limit calculations
- On the fly config optimization

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Mihail Gershkovich's avatar

Mihail-Klr wrote over 2 years ago

Hi, I realized, that using too big share of RAM leads to instability if no fallback swap exists. Thus I added some stabilizing calculations which take available SWAP into account. hope you can give some feedback. This should work well on servers with high memory as well.

itteam itteam's avatar

so_it_team wrote about 2 years ago

We started using this now to replace systemd-zram-service. Getting some big 'free' RAM using this! total used free shared buff/cache available Mem: 62 28 30 0 3 33 Swap: 145 0 145

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