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LibRing (or daemon) is the core of Ring

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Pekka Kuronen's avatar

kuronen wrote about 4 years ago

Does not work with openSuse Leap 42.3. Problem: nothing provides libgnutls.so.30()(64bit) needed by ring-daemon-

Ákos Szőts's avatar

szotsaki wrote about 4 years ago

Ahh, thank you; I fixed it. However, they have a long-standing issue which (for me at least) prevents starting ring-daemon: https://github.com/savoirfairelinux/opendht/issues/203 . Feel free to ping them if you have the same issue :).

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kuronen wrote about 4 years ago

Thanks for fixing it. I will ping them :)

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suse_tpx60s wrote almost 4 years ago

I'm running Leap 42.3 with KDE desktop. I've installed ring-deamon but don't know where to go from there. I would appreciate a little help. Is there a packaged KDE-client or front-end for ring? I only see a gnome version. I found a KDE client on the Ring site but it links to github and looks old. Have you tried it? How do I start the ring deamon and how do I start it with LTO disabled? Thanks

Ákos Szőts's avatar

szotsaki wrote almost 4 years ago

As and end-user you can use ring-client-gnome and ring-client-kde packages. The latter has been under heavy refactorisation for almost a year, so I recommend you Ring.cx (aka. the Gnome client). Ring KDE client will be released only for Tumbleweed and Factory because <= 42.3 packages are too old for it.

LTO (Link-time optimisation) is a compile time option, you cannot enable/disable it during run-time. Currently it's turned off for opendht.

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13ilya wrote over 3 years ago

After installation on Tumbleweed I'm trying run ring-kde or ring-gnome and I get 1 similar answer: ring-kde: symbol lookup error: ring-kde: undefined symbol: ZN13NameDirectory19registeredNameFoundEPK7AccountNS_12LookupStatusERK7QStringS6

Ákos Szőts's avatar

szotsaki wrote over 3 years ago

After almost a year, a new Ring KDE client, based on a new framework, has been built today. Available only on Tumbleweed and Factory due to their requirements. Could you please re-test the new version? Thank you!

Ákos Szőts's avatar

szotsaki wrote over 2 years ago

Unfortunately, until upstream doesn't fix the following bugs it's not possible to compile ring-daemon (and ring-client-kde which depends on it): https://git.ring.cx/savoirfairelinux/ring-daemon/issues?scope=all&utf8=✓&state=opened&author_username=szotsaki

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