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asterisk 11

Asterisk is an Open Source PBX and telephony toolkit. It is, in a
sense, middleware between Internet and telephony channels on the bottom,
and Internet and telephony applications at the top. However, Asterisk supports
more telephony interfaces than just Internet telephony. Asterisk also has a
vast amount of support for traditional PSTN telephony, as well. For more
information on the project itself, please visit the Asterisk home page at:


In addition you'll find lots of information compiled by the Asterisk
community on this Wiki:


Source Files

Filename Size Changed Actions
92-sebi.rules 68 Bytes Download File
app_cbmysql.c 25.1 KB Download File
asterisk- 1 KB Download File
asterisk- 1.76 KB Download File
asterisk- 567 Bytes Download File
asterisk- 29.6 KB Download File
asterisk-11.15.0-disable-tty-console.patch 835 Bytes Download File
asterisk-11.15.0-pjproject-openssl101.patch 1.04 KB Download File
asterisk-11.16.0.tar.bz2 30.7 MB
asterisk-11.17.0-cdr-mysql-reload-avoid-deadlock.patch 639 Bytes Download File
asterisk-11.20.0-libwat-1.0.25.patch 99.1 KB Download File
asterisk-11.20.0-xorcom-busydetect-04-expose-busypattern-fuzziness.patch 4.35 KB Download File
asterisk-11.23.1-ASTERISK-26461-fix-body-misparsed-as-headers.patch 1007 Bytes Download File
asterisk-11.23.1-backport-0cfab30b284286b74a4c58b040364b246a9680d7-Use_separate_SRTP_session_for_RTCP_with_DTLS.patch 8.8 KB Download File
asterisk-11.23.1-chan_allogsm-2.0.7-v2.patch 404 KB Download File
asterisk-11.23.1-chan_extra-2.0.8.patch 437 KB Download File
asterisk-11.23.1-opus-v8-with-fir.patch 39.4 KB Download File
asterisk-11.23.1-rename-moh-mohmp3.patch 1.34 KB Download File
asterisk-11.23.1-skip-extra-spaces-in-sdp-crypto-params.patch 709 Bytes Download File
asterisk-11.24.0-actually-enable-check-for-SSL-elliptic-curve.patch 2.17 KB Download File
asterisk-11.25.1.tar.bz2 31 MB
asterisk-11.3.0-app_fax_compat_name.patch 1.15 KB Download File
asterisk-11.3.0-app_meetme_export_actual_recordingfile.patch 887 Bytes Download File
asterisk-11.3.0-cbmysql-use-ast-channel-language.patch 2.79 KB Download File
asterisk-11.3.0-chan_iax2-unbreak-zoiper-compat-v3.patch 531 Bytes Download File
asterisk-11.3.0-dahdi-busy-channel-is-congestion.patch 1005 Bytes Download File
asterisk-11.3.0-h323-use-pboolean-only.patch 2.6 KB Download File
asterisk-11.3.0-xorcom-busydetect-01-silencedetect-fix-buffer-overflow.patch 1.48 KB Download File
asterisk-11.3.0-xorcom-busydetect-02-detect-busymaybe-on-noise-not-silence.patch 2.86 KB Download File
asterisk-11.3.0-xorcom-busydetect-03-expose-busycompare-busytoneonly.patch 8.44 KB Download File
asterisk-11.3.0-xorcom-busydetect-05-cap-limit-threshold.patch 483 Bytes Download File
asterisk-11.3.0-xorcom-busydetect-06-dahdi-config-options-busydetect.patch 7.25 KB Download File
asterisk-11.5.0-raise-asterisk-priority.patch 467 Bytes Download File
asterisk-add.logrotate 277 Bytes Download File
asterisk-addons- 1.76 KB Download File
asterisk-addons-cbmysql- 2.69 KB Download File
asterisk-moh-opsound-gsm-2.03.tar.gz 1.69 MB Download File
asterisk.default 71 Bytes Download File
asterisk.keyring 15.2 KB Download File
asterisk.service 381 Bytes Download File
asterisk.spec 19.5 KB Download File
chan_sebi.patch 41.9 KB Download File
elasuse.tar.bz2 28.3 KB Download File
h323_mp3.patch 352 Bytes Download File
mp3.tar.bz2 24.4 KB Download File
unicall.conf.sample 496 Bytes Download File

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