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lib3ds is a free ANSI-C library for working with the popular "3ds" 3D model

Supported platforms include GNU (autoconf, automake, libtool, make, GCC) on
Unix and Cygwin, and MS Visual C++ 6.0. lib3ds loads and saves Atmosphere
settings, Background settings, Shadow map settings, Viewport setting,
Materials, Cameras, Lights, Meshes, Hierarchy, Animation keyframes. It also
contains useful matrix, vector and quaternion mathematics tools. lib3ds
usually integrates well with OpenGL. In addition, some diagnostic and
conversion tools are included.

Source Files
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lib3ds-1.2.0-pkgconfig.diff 0000002345 2.29 KB
lib3ds-1.3.0-config.patch 0000052740 51.5 KB
lib3ds-1.3.0-lib3ds-file.h.diff 0000000672 672 Bytes
lib3ds-1.3.0-lib3ds-mesh.c.diff 0000000682 682 Bytes
lib3ds-1.3.0.zip 0000443675 433 KB
lib3ds.spec 0000006249 6.1 KB
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