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A quake like terminal for GNOME


Tilda is a Linux terminal taking after the likeness of many classic terminals from first person shooter games, Quake, Doom and Half-Life (to name a few), where the terminal has no border and is hidden from the desktop until a key is pressed.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
tilda-0.9.6-desktop_icon.patch 0000000421 421 Bytes over 10 years
tilda-0.9.6-fix-bnc633863.patch 0000000893 893 Bytes over 10 years
tilda-0.9.6-pointers.patch 0000001077 1.05 KB about 12 years
tilda-0.9.6.tar.bz2 0000241382 236 KB about 12 years
tilda.changes 0000000989 989 Bytes over 10 years
tilda.spec 0000002028 1.98 KB over 10 years
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