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AS is a portable macro cross-assembler for a variety of microprocessors
and controllers. Although it is mainly targeted at embedded processors
and single-board computers, you also find CPU families that are used in
workstations and PCs in the target list.

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asl-DESTDIR.patch 0000000548 548 Bytes
asl-current-142-bld35.tar.bz2 0001287029 1.23 MB
asl-current.dif 0000008803 8.6 KB
asl-gcc4.patch 0000000704 704 Bytes
asl-hppa.patch 0000000841 841 Bytes
asl-ppc64.patch 0000001239 1.21 KB
asl.changes 0000003802 3.71 KB
asl.spec 0000003916 3.82 KB
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